Yacht Charters Indonesia

Yacht Charters Indonesia

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Indonesia Luxury Yacht Charter

From the agitation of the sea to the tropical lushness of the islands, Indonesia is spectacular in scenery, size and diversity. A varied land of language, culture and tradition, set out on a Yacht Charter Vacation to this blissful retreat.

Indonesia is a mixed country. Here, you might witness a festive parade of brilliant color, noise and passion on one day whereas the next day, you might not see a single soul anywhere. Asian belief unites with Western comforts in Indonesia and extensive rice paddies are replaced with spiritual temples and gorgeous beaches.

There are lots of areas to visit in Indonesia on a Yacht Charter Holiday. Indonesia is a wild tropical region. With more than 17,000 islands, the largest archipelago worldwide extends its sultry mass for more than 5000km amid Asia and Australia. Around 6,000 islands are populated and a Yacht Charter is the ideal way to discover these inaccessible hideaways.

The Indonesia archipelago offers an extensive shoreline and infinite sailing region to travel around. Indonesia's cultural diversity is large and multihued, with approximately 500 dialects and languages spoken by the people.

Discover lots of adventure as you journey to the little-known islands where you might discern a remote village. If you are lucky, you can see the ancient celebrations and ceremonies as well.

In Indonesia you must stopover at the romantic ports of Makassar, Ambon, Bali and Jakarta. This area has a prosperous maritime history which dates back to the spice trade.

Bali, a famous travel destination, is situated near east Java. The boldest, brightest and possibly most famous island is Bali. This is a preferred holiday destination where life centers on the ocean. Within this tiny portion of Indonesian flawlessness you will find elegant temples. Unspoiled landscapes provide an exquisite setting for the market-laden streets and the finest surfing beaches. Speckled with a fine blend of restrained seaside escapes and party towns, astute travelers can enjoy the thriving nightlife or relax in five-star opulence.

For relaxation, head to Irian Jaya and Flores. Here, you will find countless undisturbed, isolated and small islands.

To the East of Bali lies a group of enthralling islands. A trip onto land from your Yacht Charter will bring you to the beautiful beaches on Lombok, the largest lizards worldwide on Komodo, first-rate surfing spots on Flores, intricate fabrics on Sumba and many impressive ceremonies as well.

The peak season for traveling is amid mid-June and mid-September. Indonesia has the finest diving conditions worldwide. From the intriguing marine life to stunning underwater scenes and warm waters with remarkable visibility, this Asian archipelago attracts lots of scuba divers. You will find continually warm temperatures in this island haven though you can take cooler breaks on a trek into Indonesia’s hilly interior. You can also seek shelter in a quaint tucked-away lodge.

Indonesia is vast; likewise there is a huge option of regions to visit on a yacht charter holiday. Contact us and we will suggest the best yachts and itinerary to make your Sailing Holiday in this island paradise memorable.

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